17 February 2011

Today's Meals:

Breakfast...Greek Yogurt is growing on me!
1 egg: (2pts+)
1 egg white (0pt)
1 bagel thin (3 pts+)
1 tsp whipped butter (1 pt+)
fresh strawberries and pineapple (0 pt)
1/2 Chobiatta vanilla yogurt (1 pts+)
1 chicken sausage (3 pts+)
Total: 10 pts+


Vegetable Sandwich innards (3 pts+)
1 ciabatta roll (5 pts+)
1.6 oz pork tenderloin (2 pts+)
1 TBSP whipped butter (2pts+)
fresh strawberries and pineapple (0 pt)
1/2 Chobiatta vanilla yogurt (2 pts+)
Total: 14 pts+

1 C Kashi 7 grain puff cereal (2pts+)
2/3 C milk (1 pt+)
1 banana (0pt)
***1/2 C angel hair pasta w/fancy cheese and butter that L made with two pieces of homemade meatball. (5pts+)
2 pieces of sourdough bread (4pts+)
1 tsp. whipped butter (1pt+)
Total:  13 pts.+

Dessert (I was having mad cravings...went overboard)
***4 oreo smushed 1/2 truffles (not dunked in chocolate, just mini-balls of mushed oreos mixed with cream cheese)
Dinner 1
***+ 1/2 mini m&m cake ball (YUMMY)
Total:  7pts+
***Guessing because I have NO clue what NI would be.

Day's Total: 44pts+
Used 10 Activity points.  :(

Activity Points earned:
Treadmill Walk 35 minutes
(In activity tracker) 4
40 min HIGH: 10
Dinner 2
Low: 1
Total:  15

Healthy Checks:
Water: 8+
Dairy: 2
Fruit/Veggies: 5
Healthy Oil: 0 (this has GOT to change, I think that is why I am so hungry/craving bread/hungry!)


Cakeball--do you see the deliciousness that I was up against???
I was feeling awesome about the day until the dessert kicked my ass.  Whatever.  I have two classes at the gym I am going to tomorrow, and practice Saturday.  I'll be ok.  

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  1. I had trouble last night with dessert too. The end of the day is such a trouble spot for me. That and right after I eat lunch I want chocolate. I'm not hungry but I'm DYING for it. I'm skipping it today to get out of the habit. I brought Greek yogurt instead. I swear I go through two big tubs of it a week.


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