13 February 2011


So, my body is PISSED at me. 

And not because of all the bruises that I have or my jammed (and purple/black) pinky.  Or because I am sick and have a sore throat. 

Nope.  It is pissed at the last 24~48 hours of eating.  And now I have a headache that won't go away even with my never-fail excedrin migraine with a coke zero. Because I ate like crap.  And I think it is because I ate too much sugar.  Which honestly, I am surprised by.  I have been doing well lately.  My eating habits have significantly changed.  I didn't think that stepping off track one day would impact me this much, but it has.   

I've allowed myself to fall off course a few times before--usually it is on the weekends--and I repeat the pattern--feel guilty and contemplate my choices.  This time I don't feel guilty.  I feel gross. I feel run-down (hopefully that is just my cold). I feel like I want to barf.  I feel like I want to eat vegetables and fruits for the next month straight. 

Here are some of the things I have eaten that my body is pissed about:
Sampling of the following that I made/bought this weekend:
Oreo truffles
Mint Oreos
Pound cake (homemade)
rice krispie treats (homemade)
marshmallows (homemade)
pizza (domino's cheese small)
cheesey bread (with garlic butter dipping sauce)
waffles (yes, plural)
creamer in my coffee (full-fat/sugar/flavored)
1/2 a red velvet cakeball (this might have put me over the edge...holy sweet/rich)

Seriously, as I type I want to barf.  Gross. 
I am proud that I recognize this, but also I know that I hurt my body this weekend by not giving it what it needs to recover from the workouts I have been putting it through--especially Saturday's practice. 

I have noticed that on the weekends our fridge/pantry is pretty bare and lacking in my normal fruits and veggie selection.  I either need to have us adjust our grocery shopping day, or get more to last me the FULL week--including the weekend so I don't give in to temptation and laziness.

Seriously I feel like crap.  This might be a good thing--maybe I won't overeat at my birthday dinner tonight. 

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  1. I have to tell myself this same thing and it's never easy. Self, just move forward and don't look back. Eat the veggies your body is telling you to eat.

    And the only thing that works for me with the sweets...I just don't buy it or bake it(hardly ever). I know, it's sad, I see all these skinny baking food bloggers and have no idea, for the life of me, how they stay so skinny while baking every day. I asked one and she said "I walk a lot". Riiight.


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