03 February 2011

Oven FRIES!!!!!!

I've been craving (big surprise) potatoes (and bread, but I need to avoid bread--it is just a train-wreck when I get near it!), so I tried a recipe tweaked from WW.
Low-points for the flavor!
Cooked too long.  :(

2 potatoes cut thinly and evenly (I cut mine like fast-food fries)
4 cloves garlic diced (I love garlic)
3 tsp olive oil
kosher salt to taste
pepper to taste
garlic powder to taste (did I mention I love garlic? Just make sure you don't unscrew the lid, and dump a pile of garlic powder on the potatoes like I did.)
My plate of YUMM!!!!
Preheat oven to 450. After cutting up potatoes, put on paper towels to dry them. Then put them in a bag (the potatoes, not the paper towel) and add the garlic and olive oil. Close bag and shake around to make sure mixture gets on all the tatoes.  Line cookie sheet with aluminum foil (I would probably spray the foil with Pam next time) and spread potatoes evenly on foil.  Put in oven. If you are me, you sit upstairs and blog for 25 minutes and don't flip them over, go downstairs to a house that smells of garlic, and then realize that the fries were just a little overcooked.  But, they were crispy (which I love), and delicious, which is all I care about.
Ideally, cook 10 min, flip. Cook 10 more minutes, flip again. Cook 10 more minutes (depending on the thickness/size of your potatoes, you'd have to adjust).
I called it 2 servings (1 per potato) 4 pts+/serving.
Totally worth it.  Also, I am doing this with sweet potatoes next week for sure!!

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