08 February 2011

Another Year Older....

And only slightly wiser...

Getting older isn't fun anymore.  I used to look forward to birthdays...Celebrations always included much imbibing and food of awesome.  I think the last birthday that was awesome was four years ago, when my awesome girlfriends helped me cope with turning 30 with amazing wine and food and conversation.

Five Guys....
L and I are broke this year and people have kids/lives/families or live across the country--and here, I just don't have very many people to celebrate with.

So today was a low-key day that involved going to the gym and getting my ass kicked at BodyPump (something that would never have happened in years past--I am infamous for using "but it's my birthday!" excuse)--I even upped my weights!-- an awesome nap, making of a new food, talking to friends and family, and also food I used to consume on a regular basis as a special treat. 

Five Guys (cheeseburger--grown-up size with ketchup, mayo, fried mushrooms and fried onions and a small fry) 

What I will say is, before all this portion-control I would have eaten a small fry by myself with the burger with bacon and still have been ravenous.  Tonight, L and I shared a small fry, and I didn't even use all the mayo (also unheard of pre-awareness of what I put in my body), I even ate slowly and finished AFTER L.

Cold Stone (love it oreo mintster--mint ice cream, oreos, and fudge)

Oreo Minster...damn good, but oh the gut-ache...
I should have gotten the "like it" instead of the "love it" because my gut is now in serious anger/full/pain mode. But damn, it was SO GOOD.  The smaller size would have been perfect.  And because I don't waste food, I know I overdid it.
But, tomorrow is a new day.  WI day at that.  I HAVE to run tomorrow.  Practice or not, I have to run.  Also, WW should come up with a system that allows for points to NOT COUNT on one's birthday. Maybe I will suggest it...

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Your Five Guys and Cold Stone looks AMAZING. YUM.

    I also agree that points should not count on one's birthday.


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