16 November 2010

WI Tuesday from Wisconsin...

I made sure it was really early this morning...

I am not totally thrilled about this, but considering the debauchery this past weekend, I am pretty pleased with this total:


-.9 lbs.

Total since WW=  -39.3lbs

This week will be good.
Maybe.  I burnt through my budget on the Saturday night of debauchery, and don't have money for normal rations this week (yogurt, lettuce, etc.).  What is around the house at my sister's isn't totally on plan (like last night when I got home from conferences I ate a plate of tortilla chips with low fat cheese melted over the top with some hummus on the side.  Pathetic.), but I still need to make some lunches prior to the morning of.  It is hard to be motivated though--I am tired and ready to go back home. I also didn't run last night (conferences got me home at 7:10), so I will have to run tonight--which throws off the week.  I won't run tomorrow (this is week 9--30 minutes straight now!), and I can't run Thursday (more conferences), so this week is really wonky.  

And, I am counting down the days until I get leave again for OR--L found "reasonable" airfare for me to get home for Thanksgiving, so I will get to go home in 6 days!  I will get to make pies and bake and YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm excited.


  1. Thank you!!! IT IS SO FREEKING HARD THOUGH!!!!!!


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