20 November 2010

Something small...

I used to drink incessant amounts of juice.  Love, love love love juice.  Mainly orange, but sometimes orange/mango or ruby red (until I read Fast Food Nation and found out that bugs were what gives it the pink color.  awesome.), sometimes even cranberry, as long as it had Vitamin C.

I've decreased my juice intake to zero since starting WW.  Before WW, cost was initially the reason, but now it is because I'd rather not drink my points. I'd rather eat an apple or mango or one chip for the points (maybe not the one chip, but you get the idea).  I've missed it.  Especially when I am sick, or think I am going to get sick.  That was my go-to food of choice.

My sister has been horrifically sick.  The people she works with at the hospital have also been sick--the number of call-in-sick has increased dramatically the last few days.  I slept a good chunk of the day today--now that could just be because I am exhausted, but I am not taking any chances.  AND then at the store tonight I saw this:

I just pounded 2 cups for 2 points and I feel better already!!

Well, not really, I feel full and bloated with juice, but it is better than being full of the chocolate covered pretzels that I made today.

Ah, the little things!!

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