06 November 2010

Things I can not have. Or buy. Or look at.

What I've learned about this week:

Do not go to any store when I am craving a snack.  If I do stop at a store, do not buy ANYTHING remotely snacky.  i.e. Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark or Nacho Doritos. 
Because, unfortunately, if I do not portion things out immediately, I will eat incessantly.  Even if I'm not hungry. Even if I feel disgusting afterwards.  I ate an entire bag of Doritos that I bought last night between driving 25 minutes and breakfast this morning.  YUK.  Yes, I ran, but I still feel disgusting.  And my stomach hurts.  That also might have something to do with almost eating the full bar of dark chocolate peppermint bark. 

See, I really think that the bag of muddy buddy chex mix that I ate on the plane messed me up.  I have been craving them ever since, and I keep stopping at stores to see if they have muddy buddy chex mix--and they don't, so I buy something else.  And nothing that I eat is the same as the muddy buddy mix.  Yes, I could make some--but that would be even worse!

I have been mildly out of control--ate a home-cooked meal (including homemade apple pie with sugar free icecream), and pizza (thin crust cheese) and cheesey garlic bread (only 1 1/2 pieces)....

I am not beating myself up about my poor choices, merely reflecting and reminding myself about how I feel when I get out of control.  And right now I feel gross.  YUK.

I do feel better after running, but I really need some sort of cleanse or detox from the gross.

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  1. Detox or cleanse can really help break those bad food habits. I have not dipped into my work candy bowl once since I did mine last Spring. It really changed the way I looked at food.


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