17 October 2011


So I am pretending that what I am experiencing is normal.

11 days.

I hate my dress.

I hate my shoes.

I hate my jewelry.

I hate my body, hair, and everything...

I hate a the homemade projects I've finished.

I hate what little decorations we will have.

I am stressed, overwhelmed, and all I want to do is eat bread.


  1. you will be gorgeous and so will the entire evening. I refuse to believe it will be otherwise, so neither should you!

  2. As long as you don't hate the groom it should be fine ;-)

  3. It's totally normal. I hated everything and everyone for the two weeks before our wedding. At our rehearsal dinner, my husband and I got in such a huge fight I pulled a knife on him (well, I was slicing fruit and he kind of got in my way... still, not a proud moment.) In front of my maid of honor and my mother. And we're still very happily married.


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