29 April 2011


My Bondi Band...
I got my bondi band, and I am slightly sad that it isn't as magically wonderful as I wanted it to be.  Maybe I should have just gotten a plain one or one with text, but mine moved.  But it is super pretty!! Maybe it won't be as inclined to move once I wash it?

Either way, this afternoon I made myself workout.  I didn't make it to the gym, but I did do my *free* Nike App for the first time.  It was awesome.  Well, by awesome I mean, hurts really bad, but is motivating and instructional. 
This was a middle portion. 

Not too bad for not working out since Tuesday.  I really like the app, I just wish there were fewer squat/knee pain exercises!!  I like how the app progressed through the workout, how, if I didn't know what a workout was, I could watch a video and then resume the workout, and the app talked to me and gave me reminders (which sometimes I wanted to punch the lady, but it is hard to punch a non-entity and I like my iPhone too much to hurt it.).

My sister arrives tonight! We have our second home game tomorrow, and overall things are looking up.  I'd just like this stupid cold to exit forever and the sun to come out and STAY for longer than a few minutes a day.  

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  1. You did much better than I did with a workout today. Ugh. I barely managed a 15 minute run and a rather pathetic upper body series. Kudos to you! Also, the Bondi band is very cute. Hopefully it stays put after a wash.

    Is the Nike app available for Android? That really looks cool.


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