07 April 2011


And it's nice out!  I don't want to be grumpy, but grown-up life is not cooperating with me as of late. 
Here is one thing that grump-i-fied me today.
What I saw in the grocery store:

Please note that full-sugar soda--12 cans--costs $1.98.  A 12 pk. of fizzy water with no sodium, sugar, or additives = $4.15.


Hmmm. In this economy, which choice do you think families make?  I didn't get either, nor did I get even one bottle of Coke Zero (even though I was seriously Jonezing for one) because I am poor.  I haven't been drinking any fizzy water lately because of finances, but this just irked me to no end.  I like fizzy water. I like the bubbliness of it.  It satisfies my soda craving, and isn't bad for me.  But it costs a good amount of money.  So, I have been drinking plain tap water.  With fresh lemon juice in it.  It is very exciting.

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  1. Yep. Unhealthy crap is cheap. SUCKS!

    I'm proud of you for resisting the coke zero though. I do like one occasionally myself.


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