25 April 2011

Days like this...

I so get why people give up.

All I wanted to do after practice was eat ice cream and french fries. 

But, I ate an apple, came home and ate potato wedges that we had in the freezer for a long time now (that tasted like the freezer--yet I kept eating them), and 1 1/2 waffle that was frozen from Sunday.

Never mind that I barely let the waffle thaw out before inhaling it. 

I was doing pretty well today, but a rough practice set me off for carb-inhalation. 

And I wasn't even really hungry.  That's the worst part about this. 

In other news, my Polar watch should be in my hands tomorrow (don't tell L), and maybe that will keep me occupied for a while.  I really need a job, I am losing it. 

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  1. I think it was a plus that you didn't eat the ice cream and FF. The only way I keep going is I tell myself I can start over again tomorrow. And again....and again. So if I mess up a day I get a fresh start the next one.


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