01 April 2011

March's Goals Recap

My original goals were very lofty.
I give myself a C- for my overall performance though.  
March's Goals:

-Call home 1x week. 
-Watch at least 2 movies with L.
Only 1: The final Saw (3/15)

-Try risotto (making and eating).
Nope. FAIL.

-Read 3 books.
Wuthering Heights
The Portrait of a Lady

-Do not miss practice unless absolutely VITAL.  
VERY proud of this--CHECK!!!
Even though I was mega-late the 28th--I STILL made it to practice--I even did my snake bites!!!

-Yoga at least 5 times this month.
I made it to two classes, but didn't do anything at home.  :(
-Body Pump 1X a week. (=5X)
I even went 6 times!!!! (2X in one week!)

-Hang out at least two times with someone outside of L.
AND--it went beyond Book Club!!!

WW/Eating/Weight Loss
-Be On Plan (OP) at least ONE week.  (Track everything I eat/drink; do not go over points. Do not dip in to weekly extras--earn enough activity points that I won't need to).
Super-Fly FAIL.
I have really fell off the WW wagon.  I need to get back to better habits and better planning.  I know this is what I need to do, I just actually need to do it!

I plan on being a bit more focused in April--and I am really hoping that the weather cooperates!

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