01 April 2011

April's Goals

April Goals:
I'm keeping things limited in order to be successful.  I felt pretty down about March; when I was off track from meeting my goal, I felt like a failure and gave up on myself.  Which isn't ok.  I want to be successful, and not so hard on myself.  So there self. 

-Try risotto (making and eating).
-Passport--start the process.
-Read 3 books.

-Yoga at least 2 times this month.
We will have film sessions/team dinners on Fridays that we have a home game.  I don't want to overshoot and fail at this goal this month.
-Body Pump 1X a week. (=4X)
-Try one new class at the gym.
-Jog at least 4X.

-Go out for at least one "Wing Wednesday" with the team. 

WW/Eating/Weight Loss
-Track what I eat/drink at least 19/30 days in April.


  1. what's up with the passport? where are you going?

  2. No where. We are poor! I just want to have it in case we ever do get to go anywhere!!


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