14 December 2010

WI from Wisconsin...Last one...



So, since "moving" back to Wisconsin as of August 30 until now, I have lost 25.1 lbs. 
Not too shabby if I do say so myself.  I still have a great amount of work to do back in Oregon, but I am glad I didn't slip back into old habits while being back amongst all the cheesey meaty fried temptation. 

I am putting the scale in a box to ship it back home tomorrow. 

I also decided that I need to set some goals. I think goals and mini-rewards will help me be focused. 

Last night I sat and ate more muddy buddy mix that I made, and tonight my sister and I are splitting a pizza.  I also am avoiding running because A) I was still sore yesterday,  B) IT IS 11 DEGREES (windchill=2 degrees!!!!) and C) the piles of snow are ridonkulous and I will probably have to run in the streets.  But basically, it is cold as heck out there, and I really just want to get back to OR where there is no sub-zero weather of crap.  

But, I am super sad to leave.  ARGH.

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