27 December 2010

Dear jam-making friend (you know who you are),

I need to learn how to portion control the delicious food of the gods--homemade jam.  Seriously. Oh, and believe me--I WILL be licking the plate when the bagel thins are in my belly.


Almost as much as Joey.  Maybe more now that I think about it.
(I would embed this, but the owner of the clip "doesn't allow" embedding.  BAH) So click HERE.


  1. I am glad you liked it!!!! it does look super yummy. this was my first year making jam so I had no idea if it was any good.....

  2. Dude--L is super mad because I ate nearly all the Amish rhubarb jam, so I opened up the other rhubarb jam and nearly ate all of that. So, I have been cut off from your delicious jam until he has some. This weekend. :( GRRRRR :)
    I think I will learn how to make jam this summer!!


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