18 December 2010


Change is good. I can do this.  I am going home to L--who I miss horrifically. And my cats. And my gym membership.
But I didn't see my mom and dad and friends as much as I'd like.
I am going back to no job and no prospects.

I need to work on not taking on the stress that surrounds me.
I'd like to improve my communication with people I care about and not let guilt wear me down.

And not medicating with food.  I need to think back to how far I've come and how I feel when I am eating right and taking care of myself.  I don't have heartburn (like now) and I don't feel gross and overstuffed.

I will also not get sick.  I know I avoided a number of icky illnesses that went around school--including a puking flu--but just because I am done teaching doesn't mean my body gets to give up and let down its guard and let the gross overcome me.

Just sayin'.

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