01 December 2010

WARNING--random blathering ahead...

Tonight I went for a run.  3rd run after completing C25K.  I feel like I am de-gressing, and I was freezing and heaving and it was HARD to run tonight.  And I didn't even go a full 3 miles in 40 minutes.  GRRRR...I am going to have to work harder.  Maybe I will start jogging every day?  Blargh.  I'll do some research.  I am really worried because my first 5K is next Saturday and I don't think I am ready.   :(

To celebrate the demise of my self esteem I ate horrifically.  Carmel popcorn, a serving of honey mustard pretzels that I don't know the points for anymore because they were pre-measured a long time ago.  And then, to top it off, I ate some boxed mac-n-cheese.  Like I was in college again.  But, I didn't eat the whole box! YAY!  But now I feel disgusting.  I really need to get back to my own kitchen and comfort zone to get back on track again.  I feel like I am slipping--I know that I haven't been 100% on plan and I need to work harder.

And, I am trying to like nuts. Almonds; to be exact.  I know that they are good for me, so I got some sea-salted roasted ones (28 almonds = 5 points in the new plan), and ate some yesterday.  Eh.  Maybe they will grow on me more, but at least they don't make me gag.  And, I was full at lunch after my entree without eating a yogurt. 

Ok. I think that covers all the random ramblings for now!  Happy 1 of December!

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