27 December 2010

Facing the Music...Weigh-In Monday

WW Scale:  230.4
Wii Fit:  226.0

NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!



All the hard work.  Semi-down-the-toilet.  ARGH. 

Normally, I would just give up. 
This would be the conversation in my head:
See?  You aren't going to be successful at this.  See? You can't even lose weight every week.  See?  You might as well just eat what you want, go to the store, get some chips and pizza and donuts--pig out--you are a failure anyway. Look at how much you've gained.  See? You'll always be fat.  Just eat.  You know you want to.  You've missed the gorging and the happiness bad food gives you...C'mon...just eat...

And today, I will fight that voice.  I will pick myself up and go to the gym and be proud of the 4 miles I ran yesterday--the 49 minutes and 25 seconds STRAIGHT that I ran.  Even if I am slow (my mom walks faster than I run!), I can jog for 49 minutes straight!!!!!! This is something I NEVER EVER thought that I'd be able to claim!
Ok.  Time for the pity-party to end, and I need to plan out my week of working out and classes I will take at the gym.

I'm still pretty pissed at myself though.  :(


  1. Boy you sure know that inner critic well don't you? We can be so cruel to ourselves. Things that we would never dare to dream of saying to a loved one are so easily unleashed on ourselves for our perceived "failures". Whether it's helpful or not I think you're doing awesome! You ran a freaking marathon woman! IN THE SNOW!!!! That's rock star status in my book.

  2. I love you Krista--Your positivity is so helpful!! I seriously am so lucky to have you in my life and count you as a friend--Paulo and Dimitri are SO lucky to have you as a mom!!!!!!! YOU are amazing!!!

    It was only a 5K though!! I am not THAT good!!!

  3. It's 5K longer than I've done ;-)

  4. Are you kidding me??? Running for 45 minutes is a huge accomplishment!!! Don't forget that not too long ago running for only a few minutes was a huge challenge. You have come so far. And you are inspiring everyone around you. Be aware of that negative voice in your head and eventually it will lose power over you...

  5. Thanks Julia!!! I appreciate you!!!!!!!!!


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