23 December 2010

Hosting dinner last night in pictures...only minus the dessert (homemade oreo/andes candies cheesecake) and minus the guests (L's mom and stepdad & stepsister and brother-in-law).

part of the sauce

baking in oven--yep too big...I ignored my gut.

Homemade french bread. Yep. I rock.

See? Some healthy items!  (Well, the veggies at least.)

L helping make the garlic cheese bread.

Our table.  I am super proud of being a grown-up here!

The lasagna wasn't that great. I am sad at its giant-ness and lack of tomato-y yumminess. I made everything from scratch--including the noodles which was a debacle in itself, but oh well.  This might be the last time I stray from Betty Crocker when making lasagna.  Here is the recipe that I was not impressed with--there was far too much, the directions sucked balls, and maybe I should have added the cinnamon that was called for, but that just creeped me out.  P.S.  Did I mention that there was FAR TOO MUCH?  At least my dessert rocked.  As did the baby arugula salad with yummy vinaigrette here.

Even though I miss WI, miss my little sister and my mom and dad and my friends, I love my kitchen.  I love cooking in my kitchen.  LOVE IT!!!

I am looking forward to the end of the holidays to get back into routines--including tracking points hard-core, working out on a schedule (including classes--my gym is finally starting "Body Pump" classes!), and job hunting/trying to figure out my future.

Happy holidays everyone.  I hope you are all wonderful, safe, and happy with all of your loved ones.

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