16 October 2010

Reflections and Explanations

I haven't been posting as often as I'd like.  That is for sure.  BUT, I also haven't been cooking much.  I won't lie, my budget is super tight, I am working extremely hard subbing (which I hadn't planned), and I can't seem to find the time/energy to really go to town with experimenting with recipes.
I also might have needed some time for me much more desperately than I thought--today I slept.  The entire day.  I got home last night and slept from about 12:30-8.  Then ate a snack.  Slept from about 8:30-10:30.  Puttzed on the computer.  Slept from  11:30-2:30.  Tried to get motivated to get up and run.  Fell back asleep from 3:00-6.  My sister woke me up to say goodbye, and asked if I had even gotten up at all.  Then I fell back asleep from about 6:30-8.  And I am looking forward to going back to bed now that I had a decent meal that didn't consist of Quaker Cheddar mini-popcorn cakes. 

I am just really hoping with my whole being that I AM NOT GETTING SICK.

This is my exciting life.  During the week, add to the sleeping-- planning for my students, reading their writing, driving, and packing my lunches and that is what things have become.  I haven't been able to visit my grandpa as much as I'd like--and to be honest, it is still really hard to go there. 

One thing that I am VERY proud of though is how I am eating at school.  Lunch, while a pain in the butt to get ready every day, is my redeeming positive at the moment.
I know that WW sometimes sucks people into habits that become repetitive and boring.  For me, if I find something I am really enjoying, I don't mind the repetitiveness.  If it is working, I will keep doing it.

My lunches as of late:
1 yogurt (Yoplait light: Key Lime, Apricot Mango, Very Cherry, Strawberry Kiwi, Harvest Peach, Apple Turnover) --2 points
1 or 1/2 serving of Old Dutch Pretzel Rods--one serving = 32 rods (yep, all pre-counted and pre-bagged the night before)-1 serving = 2 points
1/2 c fat free cottage cheese with salt and pepper --I love the mini gladware containers--they are the perfect size to hold this portion.  = 1.5 points
locally processed/harvested turkey bacon--the slices are mini, but I still count them the same as processed turkey bacon--3 slices = 2 points
1 apple--usually honeycrisp--bigger and not mealy, but they cost MUCHO DINERO.  (1.99/lb!)  So, I tried a jongald (sp.), and it was good too.  I pre-slice it and bag it.  =2 points (it is a bigger apple)
flatout wrap (light) =1point + turkey slices (1 point) + 1 Tbsp. Parmesan cheese (.5 pt.) + dijion mustard (0 pt)
WW string cheese 1 piece = 1 pt
Leftover of some sort--like hashbrown casserole 

This is after having a bagel thin for breakfast (1 pt.) and a coke zero.

I saw two of my friends from grad school yesterday, and they noticed and complimented me that I look different and that my shirt was baggy (it might have been because it was a XXL, but I didn't tell them!), and I am hoping to lose 10 more pounds before the end of the month--I get to go back to OR for the weekend.  You have no idea how excited I am.  Or how much I need to see L. And my cats.  And drive my car.

Ok.  I am going to take a shower and go back to bed.  I have to be more productive tomorrow.  I procrastinated with my homework for my online grad class again, and I have student work to read and planning to do.  Just not tonight.

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