11 October 2010

How I grieve...Part II

Ok. I need to sit and write, but my life has taken a crazy turn.
I won't lie.  Weigh-in tomorrow is going to suck.  I am pretty sure I've gained because of the "splurging" I've done.  L flew in last Tuesday, and I happened to eat ice cream Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  :(  Definitely a food I must stay away from.  I just want more and more and more.
He left Saturday, and I consoled myself with a Belt's flurry of homemade peanutbutter cups and m&ms.  Yum.
Yeah.  Definitely NOT WW friendly.

But, my efforts will be stalled because of the excess.  Also the bag of chips I ate in the last two days. In two sittings. In the car. Driving back.  YUK.

The one positive?  I've kept up C25K.  I start WEEK 6 on Wednesday!! Today I ran a full 20 minutes! I wanted to die, and I am pretty sure I have NEVER ran that long for the full time, but I did it!! YAY!

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