29 October 2010

Dear points,

I know that you have been supremely helpful since the end of July.  You have allowed me to fit into pants that I haven't been able to wear before (why I own them, that is another story). Also, when I visited my old school to drop off letters of recommendation for previous students, everyone who saw me commented on how great I look, and one of my old students even asked if I had lost weight.  It was definitely the mini-ego boost I needed. 
BUT, I am home here in OR for only 2 full days--3 nights.  I just ate a chocolate chip waffle that L made for me, and this morning I may have eaten 2 strawberry toaster strudels.  And last night, I may have attended Red Robin and had 2 fried cheese sticks and the chicken ciabatta sandwich.  And fries.  With ranch.  And, on the plane, I might have ate an entire bag of muddy buddy chex mix.  And I also might have had an Einstein asiago bagel with egg whites and maybe a cinnamelt from McDonald's for breakfast at the airport yesterday.

Ok.  Sunday it stops, but I so understand now how and why I have such a weight issue. I am fully aware that I am making unhealthy choices, and it doesn't have to be THIS bad, so I will have to dial it down some. 


  1. It's hard to be good all the time. I definitely fell off the wagon this weekend - mostly with working out and eating better - but I'm ready to get back on. You're doing great.

  2. Oh my friend it happens, pick yourself up and move on. I actually think having these little lapses can be a good thing. It can renew your motivation. I know when I slip off the work out wagon for a couple weeks when I go back I have more passion for it. With food it can be a very vivid reminder of how much better you feel when you eat clean. When I indulge, and the holidays are coming, my stomach hurts for days. It's always the same line, right across my belly button, that just aches. I hate that feeling.


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