01 May 2012

Working. And loving/hating every minute of it!

And hating it only because it is ROUGH to come into someone's classroom with only 8 weeks left in the year.  ROUGH to come into a classroom where academics weren't the priority which is the opposite of my mentality and approach to teaching.

But I am loving the students, the challenge, the planning, the preparation, the grading (yes! I know!!!!), BUT I HAVE  A JOB!!!  Even if it ends June 15, I am so lucky to be working and teaching and doing what I LOVE!!!!

My husband isn't a fan of unions. Especially when I tell him how the majority of people who are in the department I am a part of complain about everything.  About prep time loss and all the work they have to do and no time to do it all and what? they are changing the standards again?

And all I can do is feel so lucky to have a job.  And envious of the direction the district is going in for the students--exciting and positive changes for the better--to help students!!

I must, I will, remember this in the future--if I ever get a permanent teaching job and things are rough--teaching is awesome.  Working to be better for my students is awesome.  I am so lucky.

Oh yeah...working out has taken a back seat.  But I have still gotten to the gym at least one time a week since I started back working, which is HUGE for me.  I am making myself go tomorrow and will fight the tired.

And my lunch period isn't until 1--so I am eating MUCH less.  Well, until I get home.  I'm working on it.  And I have to avoid buying cake.  (Safeway's sheet cake sliced individually--but HUGE--soooooo good....)

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  1. Glad you get to get back to doing what you love, even if it's temporary and I really hope you get a permanent position soon. Your future students, and these current ones, are lucky to have you!


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