30 May 2012

You'd be good with those "honors" kids...

I'm sick of hearing this. I am sick of the bar being so low that any semblance of academic rigor ignites riots in the classroom.  I have heard the "honors kids" comment several times since taking this long-term job, and many times in my first teaching position.  I am willing to adjust my teaching, but no one is able to explain how--other than dumbing down what I do so much that it becomes pointless.  Which I am NOT willing to do.  I seem to be on an endless rollercoaster of good and horrific days, but I don't remember ever feeling so incompetent or so alone in my whole life.  I am "canceling" three of my assignments because I can't take it anymore.  Yes, I am letting them win and yes it bothers me.  But I don't want to suffer through the excuses, or the garbage writing, or the mean comments I am bombarded with every.single.day.  I have been in a no-win situation from day one, and haven't felt supported, and still don't.  Rather, I feel alone, judged, and incompetent.  I was even asked today if I "even like[d]" teaching by the person who is supposed to be "co-teaching" with me.  WTF? Who are you to ask me that?  [I had several paragraphs here detailing certain issues, but as I am growing up, I am being smarter about my online presence.  It sucks.]  I know I need a thicker skin. I know it more than anyone can imagine.  My life would be so much better if I had that thick skin.


  1. If people thought before they spoke you wouldn't need a thicker skin. Paulo tells me often he wishes I would homeschool him, I have to tell him be careful what you wish for, I would be a very strict teacher ;-) Sorry things are rough in the trenches. This is a really tough time to be an educator, the standards of behavior and work are pitifully low. We're not doing the next generation any favors by keeping them so either.

  2. Thanks Krista. I appreciate it!! Dude, you would SO totally be a strict teacher!! It would ROCK!! :)


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