16 May 2012

Warm body.

I know that many say the challenges that arise in one's life are only as much as the individual can handle.

I'm really tired of repeating this to myself.

When asked what I was going to do this summer (in the middle of my class mind you, by the other "teacher" in the room who is supposed to be co-teaching with me), my response, instantly, is "I have to find a job."

I can't even think of anything else.  All that weighs on my mind is what am I going to do when I am done with this position and I am left with no income, and no job in sight.

Add to that the challenges I am facing in the classroom right now, because I am NOT a warm body, and because I DO care, and I am at my breaking point.

I am not working out, I am not eating well.  I am not making good decisions, and I have to put a stop to my bad choices.

And maybe I'll just be that warm body that everyone wishes I was.

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  1. I've got my fingers crossed and I'm sending you all the good juju I can summon. It sucks to be not working, especially when you are so passionate about what you do. It's tough, but it is so easy to get sucked into that downward spiral and then feel like a bad person. You are not a bad person. You deserve the best!


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