22 April 2013



L's in Germany for the next week.

I ate like crap this weekend, resulting in a 3.4 + weight gain.

It was a beautiful day outside today.  I completed Week 1 Day 2 today for C25K, but struggled so much with it (I HATE HILLS), that I didn't go any further/walk any farther than I had to--I was DONE at the end of the workout.

Special K cracker chips are the devil.  Should not have bought them, opened them, ate them.  Now I want to eat the whole box.

My dad made chex mix for L, and puppychow for us.  DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT.  IT IS SO GOOD.  I tried to hide it in the freezer, but I still know it is there.

I was so hungry tonight, that I tried to slow the shoveling of my food by using my fingers on the hot food.  Now I just have semi-burned fingers. FAIL.

Happy Monday to me!

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