08 April 2013

Full--in the good way!

I had forgotten how good it feels to eat well and be full in the healthy sense--filled with good-for-me foods, rather than junky processed crap!
My dinner=
1/2 of a gigantic sweet potato (that, in baking, caused my smoke detectors to go off 8 times)
1/3 C black beans
1/3 C frozen corn
3/4 C sauteed mushrooms and onions
 zuchinni roasted 
~8 points
And I wasn't able to eat it all.   I have at least 1/3 left.   So. Delicious.

Why don't I stay on this track?

Oh yeah, it is hard, takes planning, preparation, motivation, dedication, and desire.

I've got the desire back.  Planning and prep went well on Sunday, but I still need to keep pushing myself to do my best.  

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  1. You can do this. Yes, it's hard. I've fallen off the wagon this winter, too, but I'm going to get back on. It's always easier in the summer, though. Hang in there!


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