09 April 2013

1 oz of gouda=my treat today!

My husband is in Vegas to work for the week (truly, he works.  He gets super tired and crabby being all social for the week since he is a techie-guy that doesn't have to interact with people so much--three solid days of it wears him out!), so tonight I grilled chicken for the rest of the week--weighed out portions, and mixed up some of his chimichuri with 1/2 c of quinoa.  Had some roasted cauliflower and a slice (1oz) of the most delicious Gouda that you could ever imagine.  We had a dinner extravaganza with another couple, and L went all out--including the Gouda of amazing that my husband fell in love with in Germany.  It is HEAVEN.  Of course I didn't portion control this weekend.  1 oz is 3 points.  DAMN.  But OH SO GOOD.  I was craving some fatty cheezy carby dish salivating on my way home, so this is my compromise.  I really do need to go do school stuff--I've been neglecting it in my rigorous healthy eating.


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