10 July 2011

Cupcake Trial #1

I will update on life after I get my head wrapped around what I want to say--it will be forthcoming though!

I have decided to make cupcakes for our wedding.  I am going to have L's mom and stepdad choose a flavor (coconut), my parents choose a flavor, L's dad and stepmom choose a flavor, and L choose a flavor, and I will choose a flavor.  Our wedding is huge (for me), but small in the realm of wedding-land, so this isn't as crazy of an idea as it could be.  I figure I will make 1-2 batches of each flavor, and we'll be good to go.

L's dad and stepmom suggested a cappuccino flavored cupcake with a cream-cheese center, so, for his dad's birthday today, I thought I'd bring a selection of cupcakes to taste to make sure that was the flavor they wanted.  And, to try the recipes out.  So, Friday, Saturday, and this morning, I have been dabbling with recipes and making cupcakes.  I have had the opportunity to share the different flavors I made with different people, and so far the reviews have been awesome.  I am really excited about doing this--it is the ONE component of my wedding that I am excited about and can get 100% behind.

On to the cupcakes....
First, this is the flavor I think I am going to choose.  I fricken LOVE pumpkin pie, and when I saw this recipe I almost fell over.  Who would have thought?
First I made mini-cherry pies to see if I could even make mini-pies (and crusts) without poking my eye out in frustration.    SUCCESS!! My patience level must be increasing, because I actually had fun making these.  But, I need to remind myself that just because they are mini, DOESN'T MEAN I SHOULD EAT 7 MINI PIES AT ONCE.    BAH.
Anyway.  With some confidence I could make the pumpkin-pie filled cupcakes, I went at it.

 Yum.  x10000000000

Mini crusts!!!

Mini pies!

Pies into batter ready to be covered in batter!

cupcake + pie = AWESOME!
Delicious, and awesome.  My pictures suck, but I am proud of how awesome, even without frosting, they turned out.  I think a mini-dollop of plain cream-cheese frosting will be the final selection for my choice.

too much frosting...
2nd, the cappuccino cupcake with a cream cheese center.  And, with my own addition thanks to the original recipe, espresso butter cream frosting.  I think that after sampling the frosting as I was making it, immediately followed by trying to eat one of these just got the better of me.  And I love sweet things, but that was too much sweet all at once for me.  L thought the frosting was too much, so I scraped off my dollops, and he reapplied new dollops. Last night, someone tried this cupcake and said I needed to open my own cupcake store with this cupcake.  I think that says it all.  I just hope L's dad likes them.  Though my friend said she'd kick his ass if he didn't like them! :)  YAY!


Finally, I thought that to be safe, I'd bring a second choice for L's dad and stepmom to choose from--and made Tiramisu cupcakes.  Wow.  Yum-a-licious!
After getting coated in the marsala-sauce.

If I hadn't almost-picked my flavor this might have made the cut!!

Finished product!


I am really proud of how all three of these turned out--even though the tiramisu cupcake cake part was overcooked (stupid Martha Stewart recipe was off by 3 minutes!!!), and the cappuccino cupcakes had too much frosting (and a BOATLOAD left over too!!). 

While NONE of these are good for WW, they make me happy to bake.  I am pumped for my guests to eat them and see the looks on their faces as they try each flavor--my dad said,  "People better get in line fast to get some!"

Update post will follow soon.  I do wish I could mail cupcakes--my parents would love to sample these, and I know Julia would love them as she hangs out with her son!


  1. YUMMM!!! I can't wait to try all these at your big day! Can I hire you, too!!! xoxo

  2. so glad to see a post from you missed you. Hope all is well. Love the cupcake idea...I have a recipe for awesome peanut butter and jelly cupcakes everyone raves about them. Let me know Jana

  3. Those look so good! Way to go. I miss baking. But if I bake I will eat them all!

  4. lol "DOESN'T MEAN I SHOULD EAT 7 MINI PIES AT ONCE. BAH." You sound just like me!!! Sarah


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