20 July 2011

Recommit or Quit: Or, The One Where I Need a Swift Kick in the Ass.

Things I have been doing:
making these (but different colors including glittery/sparkley) for the wedding
applying to jobs
getting rejection emails from said jobs
obsessively looking at wedding stuff on etsy
designing and redesigning and obsessing over our invitations, which I can't do much about because we still don't have a venue
trying to not worry that we don't have a venue
eating and overeating and falling back into old eating habits
weighing myself and hating what I see (234.4 last time I looked)
working out every day of the week in some fashion (at least 1 hour) except Saturdays and Sundays (mainly Body Pump (3x a week) and other classes)
reading (six books completed since the end of June)
when there is sun, I lay in it
trying to not get so down that I completely lose control. 

I have been working out consistently, and if I was eating right to balance the exercise, I'd totally be rocking in the losing the weight aspect of my life.  I know that it's bigger than that though.  There are some underlying issues that get in my way after I do well for myself for a while.  I am letting the no job, no money, hatemybodyanddon'twantaweddingdressbecauseI'mfat, get to me. 

I have been in this place for a considerable amount of time, and I have been trying to not let it get to me, hence the not blogging.  My friend told me that people want to read both the good and the bad,  so I will try to write more.  I just hate being Debbie-Downer and want to be more positive. 

I'll work on it.


  1. New follower. I am right there with you. I just started my journey and so fat it's just not going well. I agree with your friend, blog about it all. People will still read if you're life isn't perfect. Hope that helps.

  2. I love the ribbon wands. What a great idea!

    Hang in there. I know it can be tough to work out and eat right when the world is shitting on you, but you really do feel better. I've got my fingers crossed that a job will come up soon.

  3. Every single day we're faced with that same question, recommitt or quit? Every day you get to choose health...or not. No one ever ALWAYS chooses health. There are days, weeks and even months when we fall off track but the beauty is that every 24 hours we start a new day and we can make a different choice. I hope you choose to be kind to yourself today. Krista


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