20 January 2012


Currently filled with frustrations.

I am not the only one though, it seems that "falling off the bus" happens to everyone.  Lisa consistently struggles with her eating choices,  Beth has had a great realization about her eating habits, Sheryl is taking time off from the electronic world, and even Kelly, one of my favorite Body Pump instructors--who is super athletic, fit, and THIN, struggles with body image/social expectations of the ideal.

So I am in with an amazing lot of successful and talented women, all struggling as I do every day.  And I allow myself to feel sorry for myself because I don't have a job at the moment--and throw myself a pity party, pin more things on pinterest, read, and eat carbs.

I have been going to the gym at least three times a week.  The new Body Pump release is brutal, so I am not going as often as I should, and I am letting the dreary, blustery, wet, gross weather keep me indoors rather than leave to go to the crowded gym beyond my must-go-to-and-get-my-spot-in-the-back-of-the-room-because-I'm-anal Body Pump classes.  Besides the fact that I jacked up my knee (again) from Zumba two weeks ago.

I have been cooking all our meals.  I meal plan on Sunday, and now L and I don't have a competition as to who can be the least helpful when coming up with a dinner plan when he gets home from work.
What I am making for meals is another story...but I have been taking baby steps.  This week I hope to throw in at least two healthy meals and watch my portions.  Starting small will hopefully help.

It sucked when I realized that someone I once thought was my friend, really isn't my friend, and might not have ever been my friend.  It's hard to get past when there is no meeting of the minds or understanding.

Did you know that the government gives gas vouchers to parents who have had their children taken into custody?  Oh the things I am learning as a CASA about our government.

Ok.  Hopefully that is enough negative nelly-ness for now.

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  1. OMG... I am so happy to read this. I'm having a day of frustrations myself. Hope things brighten up for you soon.


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