05 January 2012


I want to walk today--it's actually not raining, but last Friday I totally jacked my right knee (I think during Zumba), and it hurts like it did when I was jogging.  I went to Body Pump on Tuesday (the first workout since Friday), and skipped yesterday to try to rest my knee and I feel disgusting.  I have been totally eating carbs and sugar (way too much) and feel my clothes not fitting.  I am uncomfortable in my own skin and I know what needs to happen.  So I am taking baby steps.  I planned out dinner last night and tonight, and this weekend I want to plan all the meals for next week to avoid mindless crappy eating.

And that is my life in a nutshell.  So exciting that I want to barf.

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  1. Yes, sometimes life is boring, but that's OK. You look back on these halcyon times fondly some day. :-) Hope your knee feels better soon.


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