19 May 2011

A post of random...

I've been reading:
Kelle's blog- and I don't want kids!! Her family, of course, is beautiful, and reading about Nella's developments and how Lainey is growing up is a pleasant escape for me.  Foreign, but an escape that I love.  Plus, she is a good writer.
Lisa's blog--she updates more, and it is awesome for me because she actually lives in PDX.  I love that her posts are so varying, and she too is a good writer.
Beth's blog--I am envious of her success, and hopeful that I could attain her levels of success via WW.  She just hit her goal weight after 2+ years.  Pretty effing cool.

I've been creating homemade STDs (Save the Dates--you oh so gross readers out there!):
(I'll post pictures once I mail them out and people get them, I'd like them to be a semi-surprise!)

I've been working on designing our invitations and learning how to use Adobe Illustrator.  It isn't as easy as I thought, and I am definitely NOT a graphic designer, and I have a great deal more respect for those gifted with such abilities. 

I've been searching Etsy for ideas for baby gifts I can make my pregnant amazing friend--she who is the first of us "grad-school girls" who took the leap and is going to have a baby later this summer. And wedding ideas--I really, really, really want a giant tu-tu....that's purple.

I've been working out.  Getting back on the wagon of really enjoying the power I feel when I am active and consistently working out.

I've been antsy and in need of projects.  Today I made three loaves of bread (1 banana--new recipe) and 2 oatmeal--my grandpa's that was his mom's.  I play football with a couple who is getting married later this summer, and they asked me if I could help with their wedding website.  HECK YES!! So I have started on that...(I'll link to it when there is more than blank pages!)

I've been applying for any job I can.  I am getting desperate.  OR cut off my unemployment, and I can't get emergency benefits because I worked in WI.  WI now is paying me unemployment, but it is a $53 cut.  I hate money.

I've been getting rejected from jobs.  I am not qualified to be a customer service rep for Netflix, clean in a hospital, or be a secretary/file in a law office. 

So.  That's what I have been up to.  I need to drink more water, write more, make a decision about future academic pursuits (change in career? grad school in English?), and keep working out.  I need to track my food consistently, and avoid the grocery store after I work out.  Seriously, it is the devil.

Finally,  I'd like to shout out to those of you still reading.  Thank you to my friends, and to the other random readers out there.  Your support and encouragement, and just knowing you are there means a great deal to me.  Thank you!!!!

:) Sunshine


  1. I am glad you are writing more again. I missed you when you weren't!

  2. i was really beginning to wonder where you were.............
    have you seen this site? it is super cool and she uses WW points
    what do you really want to do? i mean, besides teach. like something you always wanted to try. for me, i would love to work in a bakery, flower shop, or own or work in a beer/wine shop. How can you take what you love to do, like cooking, writing, etc. and earn money???? there has to be a way.

  3. I LOVE skinnytaste!!!

    The problem is, I want to teach. :( I love learning and reading and being around students and teaching.

    I need to do more thinking and revamping of my plan though--I know.


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