04 May 2011


My sister is in town.
I haven't been eating right.
My knee is pretty effed, but I am living in the land of denial.
I am not weighing in today.  Or this week. 
I suck.


  1. You don't suck! This isn't a sprint to the finish line my friend, it's a life long process and there will be weeks when stars and the moons just do not line up and you don't get what your body needs. The beauty, there is always tomorrow, there is always a fresh start!

  2. Krista is right. Hang in there! Focus on your progress and how far you've come. You're allowed to give yourself a little break once in a while, too...we all have days where the best we can do is less than we would like. It's ok. Start over tomorrow. We love you.

  3. It's like a vacation. Sure, you misbehave for a week or so, but then you're relaxed and ready to go back to work. Or not... but you do anyway. Enjoy your sister!

  4. Thanks ladies. I really appreciate your support and encouragement. You don't even know how much it means to me!!!


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